• 09:00

    Algorithms for Public Decision Support Day

    If part of the presentations is devoted to the scientific and technical challenges related to these algorithms, the conference will also be an opportunity to make room for the law and to hear both how the law thinks about the role and limits of these algorithms, but also how public institutions understand these issues in their work and their decisions. This will allow us to address more broadly the societal issues and ethical questions raised by the use of these algorithms in society.

    This is why the day will be organized around interventions of computer scientists, but also economists, sociologists and lawyers, in order to put into perspective the scientific challenges with the legal and ethical issues of this particular context. This day will also be the occasion to organize round tables to confront the different points of view and to discuss these issues.

    Access on registration, here.

    Agora (Bât du Haut-Carré)
  • 14:00
    Visites insolites

    Unusual visit of the CNRS: participation of Rhoban

    If you want to live or relive the victories of the Rhoban team during the different editions of the RoboCup, you can try your luck and participate in the unusual day that will be dedicated to it, on 12/10, in Gradignan (IUT), from 2pm.

    More information, here.

    IUT (Gradignan)