• SIF Femmes & info
    The SIF, with the help of the rectorat, is organizing a "Women & Computing" day on March 31th at the LaBRI. Participation is free, but mandatory. On this occasion, the
  • Logo RoboCup 2023
    The RoboCup 2023 will open its doors in Bordeaux, from July 4 to 10th, 2023. This event, which brings together no less than 2500 competitors, 3000 robots and 45 countries
  • Start and participation of several members of SATANAS department in the PEPR NumPEx. This program, co-piloted by CNRS, CEA and Inria, is financed in the framework of
  • Le Mag de la Santé
    The voice is one of the specific characteristics of each of us. What if it was studied to allow the diagnosis of certain diseases or at least their follow-up? This is
  • Inria
    Following the departure of Denis Barthou, Olivier Aumage will be in charge of the STORM project team as of March 1st.
  • Semaine des maths
    As part of the Math Week, the LaBRI will welcome, in the presence of the Rector, the school public on the afternoon of Monday, 2023, March 6th.
  • Challenge Rose-BipBip
    During the closing webinar (February 28) of the ROSE Challenge "Robotics and sensors for EcophytoII+", the BipBip project led by IMS, LaBRI, Elatec and CTIFL, will be
  • Logo CNRS couleurs
    As part of the visit of the DAS (Scientific Assistant Directors) of the CNRS, on Wednesday March 1, 2023, Anne Siegel, DAS of the INS2I, will give a seminar in the