Awards to Tulip

Even though the Tulip project is getting a bit old, but is still very active, Tulip has just received a few awards from SourceForge.

Tulip is an information visualization framework dedicated to relational data analysis and visualization. It aims to provide the developer/user with a complete library/software, supporting the design of interactive information visualization.

Tulip has just been recognized by SourceForge with the following awards:
- Community Leader
- Community Choice
- Open Source Excellence
- SourceForge Favorites

These awards are given only to selected projects that have reached significant milestones in terms of downloads and user engagement in the SourceForge community.

This is a great achievement, as the Tulip project qualified for these awards from among more than 500,000 open source projects on SourceForge. For the record, SourceForge has nearly 30 million users per month who research and develop open source software.