New version (v7) of Scotch free software

7.0 version (code name "Sankara") of the SCOTCH + PT-SCOTCH software package has been released. It is a major release, the result of six years of development, which brings many innovative features.

Thread management is now fully dynamic. Efficient multi-threaded versions of many time-consuming algorithms have been coded. These algorithms concern the SCOTCH (formerly) sequential library, as well as the PT-SCOTCH MPI-based library (which now provides hybrid parallel algorithms, mixing threads and MPI). New objects called "contexts" allow users to launch SCOTCH tasks concurrently. More here.

IMPORTANT: YOUR HELP IS NEEDED: in 2022, the SCOTCH project will turn 30. In order to perpetuate software development around SCOTCH, a consortium is being created, to pool development goals and investments from its members so as to fund engineering staff to carry out strategic R&D.

We are currently identifying ambitious key parties interested in joining the consortium. This is a great opportunity for people and organizations having needs in fast and efficient graph partitioning to support and ensure the sustainability of the Scotch software for its users all around the world.

Would Scotch (prospective) users be so kind as to fill the questionnaire, here?

The preparatory document for the Scotch consortium is available here.