Prix Kadir Korkmaz

Best student paper award

During the NCA conference(IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications), Kadir Korkmaz (PhD student in the SeD department, Progress team), was awarded the Best student paper award.

Written in collaboration with Joachim Bruneau-Queyreix, Stéphane Delbruel, Laurent Réveillère and Sonia Ben Mokhtar (Liris CNRS-Lyon), his paper is entitled "In-depth analysis of the IDA-Gossip protocol".

This work analyzes and experimentally studies the epidememic dissemination protocol based on the use of error-correcting codes, proposed in the RapidChain blockchain framework. The results show that this protocol is particularly efficient for the dissemination of large messages while being resistant to the adversarial behavior of a majority of malicious nodes in the system. This makes it a very good candidate for improving consensus protocols in open environments.