FPS 2023 - 16th International Symposium

The 16th FPS 2023 symposium (Foundations and Practices of Security) will take place from 2023, December 11 to 13th at Bordeaux INP.

See the announcement for more information.

Protecting the communication and data infrastructures of an increasingly interconnected world has become vital to the normal functioning of all aspects of our world. Security has emerged as a necessary scientific discipline whose multifaceted complexities deserve the attention and synergy of the mathematical, computer science, and engineering communities.

All researchers and practitioners from all countries working on security, privacy, trusted data systems and related areas are invited to participate in the event.

The aim of FPS is to discuss and exchange theoretical and practical ideas that address security issues in interconnected systems. It aims to provide scientific presentations and establish links and promote scientific collaboration, joint research programs, and student exchanges between institutions involved in this important and fast-moving research field.

The event website, here.