Visites insolites

LaBRI’s participation in the unusual visits of the CNRS in Aquitaine

Who hasn't dreamed of diving into the memory of the oceans, playing soccer with robots, or discovering the secrets of industrial espionage? The CNRS is offering groups of randomly selected visitors the chance to take part in unique experiments in its laboratories in France between October 7 and 17. More than a hundred unusual visits will take place as part of the Fête de la science 2022 organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
Among them, three will take place in Aquitaine and more particularly one of them stamped LaBRI.

The CNRS in Aquitaine offers three unusual visits, one of which is led by the LaBRI.
The Rhoban team, holder of 4 world titles in the robotic soccer world cup, will project you into its universe. You will be able to:
- discover their humanoid robots on their training ground
- but also exchange with the researchers on the robotics jobs
- and maybe even discuss the future organization of the RoboCup which will take place in Bordeaux in 2023.

Learn more about the unusual visits, here and try your luck and apply, here.