Les échappées inattendues

Les échappées inattendues

From 2023, June 8 to 10th, at the Forum des Arts et de la Culture in Talence, the 1st edition of Echappées inattendues in New Aquitaine will take place.
This is a new, free, fun event for scientific mediation: a real invitation to explore and discover through meetings with scientists.

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The LaBRI will participate in this event through a demo conference hosted by Hervé Hocquard.
Saturday 10 June at 2.30pm – Forum des Arts et de la Culture
Title: Cities of the future: at the intersection of maths and ecology
Speaker: Hervé Hocquard, professor at the University of Bordeaux at the Bordeaux Computer Science Research Laboratory
What if mathematics determined the construction of tomorrow's cities? During a conference, become an architect and participate in the creation of a new urban environment. The only constraint? Minimise the amount of space occupied on the ground, but not in any way...


Throughout the three days, new formats will be offered: micro-conferences, demo conferences, large format debates.
In parallel, there will be a cinema-science meeting and a science village.
Part of the programme will be dedicated to schoolchildren on Thursday and Friday afternoon, while Friday evening and Saturday afternoon will be open to public large.

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