Logo RoboCup 2023

Let’s go for the RoboCup 2023

The RoboCup 2023 will open its doors in Bordeaux, from July 4 to 10th, 2023. This event, which brings together no less than 2500 competitors, 3000 robots and 45 countries represented, was officially launched at CapSciences on March 13th.

The objective of the RoboCup is to promote interest, practice and knowledge of the sciences related to mechatronics, computer science, electronics, mechanics, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.
It is a national and international competition, during which there is an exchange of ideas, technologies and people.

Official presentation video of the event, here.

It is again the opportunity for our champion team, Rhoban to qualify. You can come and support them by reserving your ticket here.

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