Logiciel Ossia score

OSSIA score software in the spotlight

The software of the SCRIME platform, Ossia score https://ossia.io/ has just reached 100 000 downloads.
It is an interactive intermedia sequencer resulting from research conducted at the LaBRI over the last twenty years and currently managed by the OSSIA contributors' collective.
This software is currently used in the framework of the "Métascène" project with the OARA (Office artistique de la Région Aquitaine, at the MECA), to drive an immersive show with 50 speakers, 3 screens with animated images representing portraits of several theatres in the area.

What is it about?
Ossia score is free, open source software that runs on desktop computers (Windows / macOS / Linux), mobile phones and embedded systems.
It’s a multimedia sequencer for audiovisual artists, designed to enable the creation of interactive shows, museum installations, digital intermedia artworks, interactive music and more in an intuitive user interface.
It allows sequencing of OSC, MIDI, DMX, sound, video, light and other files between multiple software and hardware. Its interactive timeline allows scores written with this software to respond to external events and controls through a simple visual language.