Open ViBE

Prix science ouverte, logiciel libre

Open ViBE is one of the world's leading software for encephalographic signal processing.
The Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has awarded for the first time the Open Science prize for open source research software. This prize is part of the initiatives that allow to keep free some software developed by researchers.

OpenViBE is a software platform dedicated to the design, testing and use of brain-computer interfaces.
OpenViBE is a software for real-time neuroscience (i.e. for real-time processing of brain signals). It can be used to acquire, filter, process, classify and visualize brain signals in real time. Since version 2.2.0, OpenViBE also includes a tool for offline or batch analysis of large data sets.
OpenViBE is free and open source software. It runs on Windows and Linux operating systems.

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