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Seminar by Anne Siegel, DAS CNRS (Deputy Scientific Director)

As part of the visit of the DAS (Scientific Assistant Directors) of the CNRS, on Wednesday March 1, 2023, Anne Siegel, DAS of the INS2I, will give a seminar in the amphitheatre of the LaBRI, at 11am. The title of her presentation is "Gender equality in computer science: from global issues to local impacts".

Our scientific communities are increasingly confronted with gender equality issues in computer sciences: the low presence of women in these fields is increasingly challenging society, to the point of sometimes questioning the legitimacy of the research carried out in the laboratories. Providing answers to these societal challenges is far from simple: gender equality issues are multi-factorial, and cut across institutional questions, group dynamics, bilateral relations and individual feelings. This undoubtedly explains why it is so difficult for everyone to become an actor in the dynamics of equality, for the benefit of all. This presentation aims to give some keys to gender equality issues, to detail examples of actions implemented in different computer science laboratories.