Talent U's Coup de Coeur Award

Anne Bisagni-Faure, Rector of the New Aquitaine Academy, awarded the "Talents U" prize for the year 2022 to the project Moi Informaticienne, Moi Mathématicienne at the university's back-to-school ceremony (last October). These prizes reward projects carried out by the university community.

The Mathematics and Interactions and Computer Science training unit was awarded the "Coup de Coeur" prize of the Talents U of 2022.
The aim of this project is to introduce middle and high school girls to the existing training programs at the university, the computer science and mathematics professions and, more generally, to encourage them to choose scientific studies. During a week of immersion (during school vacations), punctuated by various workshops and presentations, these young people can discover an environment that often seems inaccessible to them.
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