Bench to Knowledge and Beyond

Team leader : Romain Bourqui (co-team leader Patricia Thébault)

The Bench to Knowledge and Beyond (BKB) team conducts theoretical and applied research on the management, analysis and exploration of complex data. It is interested in all or part of the data life cycle, from production to visualization, to storage, modeling and analysis. The main challenges faced by the team are the volume of data, its variety, its veracity and/or its velocity. Although our work consists in defining generic methodological tools, one of the particularities of the team is that we are mainly interested in real data and problems. Our research is therefore multi-disciplinary and is done in collaboration with experts of these data (e.g. health, biology, humanities and social sciences, geography, smart city, explainable AI, etc.) with the ultimate goal of providing technological solutions to their communities.

Related topics:

  • Data modeling
  • Query optimization
  • Data analysis
  • Bioinformatics
  • Complex systems
  • Data visualization

Main application domains:

  • Bioinformatics for biology and health
  • Humanities and social sciences: digital humanities, crime science, geography, ...
  • Big data: smart city, web-analytics, ...
  • Explainable AI