Although it is a very old problem, gender parity has only recently appeared in the guidelines of our supervisory bodies; for example, a commission was set up at the University of Bordeaux in 2016. 

Clearly, women are very poorly represented, and this is even more glaring in the A colleges. The women in the laboratory's A colleges are also very much in demand and they all have important responsibilities at different levels of the ecosystem - laboratory, university, CoCNRS... Of course, this disparity is largely due to the low representation of women in scientific studies. But the laboratory figures are lower than the national averages (around 25% of women in college B, and 19% in college A).

Colleagues regularly speak at high schools and career fairs. In addition, in 2019, some of them organised and led a week entitled "Moi informaticienne, moi mathématicienne" (Me a computer scientist, me a mathematician) in collaboration with colleagues from the IMB, which brought together secondary school students interested in these subjects. 

The LaBRI sits on the INS2I's parity/equality commission in 2020.