Loïc Paulevé proposes to "reconcile qualitative, abstract and scalable modeling for biological networks".
What if the Boolean networks were limited and wrong? In the article published in the journal Nature communications, Loïc Paulevé proposes a new type
Predicting cell behavior with Boolean modeling
Nathanaël Fijalkow discusses in his article in the Journal Interstices the following subject: "The advent of program synthesis".
In the context of large national projects on the theme of AI (in the broad sense), the article gives a quick overview of the research undertaken at
In their article entitled: "Will an AI soon replace your psychiatrist?", Vincent Martin, post-doc at the LaBRI and Christophe Gauld, Child
An AI detects the first signs of multiple sclerosis. The aim of this research is to gain a better understanding of how the disease develops, but also