Prix Antonio Casares

Bordeaux University "Science and Technology" thesis prize

Antonio Casares, who defended his thesis in 2023, under the supervision of Igor Walukiewicz and Nathanaël Fijalkow, receives the Bordeaux University "Science and Technology" thesis prize.
Thesis title: "Structural properties of automata on infinite words and memory for games".

Abstract: Automata and infinite-duration games are one of the fundamental tools for the verification and synthesis of reactive systems. Unlike the case of regular languages over finite words, several models of automata exist, and many questions about their structure and the languages they recognize remain open. In this thesis, we study transformations between different types of automata on infinite words, the minimization problem, and the link between the structure of these automata and the complexity of the strategies needed to win games on graphs with \omega-regular winning condition.

Find his thesis here.