Myriam Lopez, I&S department (TAD team), will submit her thesis entitled: "Critical error prediction in an industrial application"
Philippe Pérez de San Roman (PhD student in the I&S department, TAD team) will present his thesis entitled: "3D detection for mixed reality in
All LaBRI departments have research collaborations with industrialists. This partnership research is carried out with both large industrial groups and
Team leader : Pierre Ramet The Satanas team aims to contribute to the efficient realisation of frontier simulations resulting from challenging
The LaBRI has numerous structuring collaborative projects, some of which cover several scientific themes (this is notably the case for collaborations
Department leader : Jean-Rémy FALLERI Co-leader : Raluca URICARU Digital methods and tools are becoming increasingly important in modern society, with
2023 - 2022 - 2021 - 2020 PhD thesis 13/01/2023 - Reda Kamraoui: "Deep learning in neuroimaging for multiple sclerosis" Manuscript --------------- 12
Seven IT start-ups are the direct result of research projects carried out by LaBRI researchers. IQSPOT : Automatic reading and real-time analysis of
The NUMERICS seminar, a transdisciplinary seminar on scientific culture and the societal issues of the Digital Age, will take place in the LaBRI
The ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security) has just certified a third Dropbox-like secure tool. Parsec, the Bordeaux-based