Cindy Becher will submit her thesis entitled: "Disambiguation of the visualization and manipulation of occluded virtual 3D objects in Augmented
Aurélie Bugeau is a laureate of the IUF for the Innovation Chair. As a reminder: the IUF's mission is to promote the development of high-level
During the NCA conference(IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications), Kadir Korkmaz (PhD student in the SeD department
Team leader : Romain Bourqui (co-team leader Patricia Thébault) The Bench to Knowledge and Beyond (BKB) team conducts theoretical and applied research
The ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security) has just certified a third Dropbox-like secure tool. Parsec, the Bordeaux-based
The 16th FPS 2023 symposium (Foundations and Practices of Security) will take place from 2023, December 11 to 13th at Bordeaux INP. See the
The Chair Mobility and Intelligent Transport organizes the day "(Cyber) security and safety of connected mobilities" - Tuesday, May 10th at 11am
Emile Barjou will submit his thesis entitled: "High-resolution phase contrast tomography".
Team department: Pierre Ramet The Satanas team aims to contribute to the efficient realisation of frontier simulations resulting from challenging
Presentation of the research directorate Proof assistants are particularly useful in the verification of hardware or software components for