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Artistic illustration

- The Brownian map
- The Brownian tree
- The Brownian snake
- The hairy snake

Artist: Emmanuelle Marckert (a sister of mine)

On this page , are provided simulations of ...quadrangulations, trees, snakes, Brownian processes (motion, excursion, bridge, meander), their local time process at time 1, loop erased random walks, uniform spanning tree of the grid, Bessel processes

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Note on the density of ISE and a related diffusion
With Guillaume Chapuy
arxiv 2210.10159

Almost triangular Markov chains on N
With Luis Fredes

Models of random subtrees of a graph
With Luis Fredes
arxiv 2102.12738

Growing random uniform d-ary trees
Version.pdf arxiv:2105.05513
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With Cécile Mailler
link to the paper
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With O. Khorunzhiy,
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(not the last version pdf Arxiv math.PR/0403398
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version ps.gz version pdf
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version ps.gz version pdf
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version ps.gz version pdf
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version ps.gz version pdf
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The contour of size n general planar tree
version ps.gz version pdf
Unpublished (2000)

these (PHD Thesis)
(version ps.gz) (version pdf)

(version ps.gz) (version pdf)


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